The original pressure sensor output is millivolts analog output, it is necessary to manipulate the signal to amplified level or digital or other types required for next stage of further processing.

    In an analog to digital converter signal conditioning, includes voltage or current limiting and anti-aliasing filtering.

    In control engineering, it is common to have a sensing stage, a singal conditioniing stage and a process stage which often carried out by an ADC and a microcontroller. Operational amplifiers are commonly employed to carry out the amplificaiton of the signal in the signal conditioning stage.

     Pressure sensor signal conditioning can include amplification, filtering,converting, range matching, isolation and any other processes required to make sensor output suitable for processing after conditioning.


     Signal amplification performs two important functions, increases the resolution of the input signal and increases its signal to noise ratio.


     Currently, most of the pressure sensor can be signal conditionalled with specific ASIC for amplified or digital output.